About Us


  • Wood as a sustainable and highly-valued resource
  • Exemplary service to members
  • High ethical standards and integrity
  • Building collaboration and community

We work every day to assure the benefits of wood packaging are understood and is utilized as the solution of choice for securing and transporting the unit-load globally, increasing the demand for a wood packaging solution. We see wood packaging as the high-quality and low-cost solution when compared to other shipping platform options and is accepted as an economical, sustainable, flexible, clean, and environmentally friendly product.

Cambodia Underwood Pallet Workshop COMMITTEES & COMMUNITY OUTREACH

The Cambodia Underwood Pallet Workshop is committed to supporting local communities through its members across the county. Cambodia Underwood Pallet Workshop members support their local communities through innovative and meaningful ways, whether in-kind-contributions or volunteer efforts, they are there as part of their communities. The Cambodia Underwood Pallet Workshop is looking at ways to further efforts to help those who cannot help themselves and encourage new ideas and partnerships. To this end, please let us know of your thoughts on further domestic and international relief effort opportunities or if you can donate your time.


Industry Marketing is focused on promoting the wooden pallet and wood container industry and associated products and services. The committee performs in close harmony with all other functional committees of the organization through the Communication Committee.