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Since 2006, Cambodia Underwood is the first local enterprise that produce wood pallets conformed to international export standard code, example ISPM 15. To meet customers' demand locally and internationally, we have equipped most necessary machinery such as pallet air gun, heat oven, pallet software, registered as member of NWPCA and get license of IPPC-KH01. Thanks to these tools and material, we are able to work more effectively and staying ahead as competence enterprise which our client could work with confidently.

Our Mission

In our job, respecting deadline and keeping quality is very important because we understand perfectly how it would be affected and costly to our client if we do our job incorrectly. It is not just about making a wood pallet, but a quality pallet which ensure the sanitary, it need a long preparation in between 2 -3 month ahead before we could assembly them into finished products.

Because of the strong determination, our clients are confident & happy to work with us. As a bonus, they recommend us to others. Meanwhile we have never neglected our employee, thanks to their efforts; delivery is always made on time. We, manager, we protect customer's interest meanwhile we share benefit to our employees as well, so far, we provide them health insurance, accommodation, meal, vacation, and entertainment, salary promotion, skill & other training, yearly bonus.

Personal Inspiration

I feel good when I touch the wood which I have reserved in my ware house for making pallets. It seems that we have something special connected between us and said to me that one day I would have possibility to recycle those pile of wasted wood into something every beautiful, something like contemporary wood art for home interior objects which we don’t need precious woods just to make it look beauty, we just need component of woods like mango, pine, metal, tissues, pigments... that's the design to make them look different. Luckily, I have opportunity to live 5 years in France. Thanks to my husband Patrice Vic, the one who open the new page for my life. He has given me an immense inspiration to see things differently which I have never seen in my home country.